Preschool Forms & Information

Registration Forms


Below are links to our registration paperwork.


After returning the Enrollment Reservation form,

you will need to complete an online

registration along with a few additional forms

to complete your student's file. 

2023/24 Enrollment Reservation Form

Enrollment numbers can change at any time.
Please call if you would like to check
availability for a particular class.

Once you have returned your Enrollment

Reservation Form (above), we will send you

a link to complete an online registration.


In addition to the online registration, we will

also need the following forms that can be

found below: IL School Medical Form, DCFS Summary

Receipt and to see your child's original birth

certificate.  We will take a copy at the school

and return your original back to you.


Individual Files

** If your child is enrolling in our Childcare
facility as well as our Preschool program,

we will also need you to complete the

Childcare Contract, Topical & Sunscreen Forms.

Please visit the Childcare Information page
to reference the Childcare Handbook and
these other forms and information that are
specific to our childcare facility.

Important Links / Documents


Below are links to our commonly

requested forms and reference documents

for the current school year.