Registration Forms


Below are links to our childcare registration paperwork.

Each child must have a completed application, medical form, parent handbook receipt, DCFS summary receipt, attendance & tuition receipt, authorization to adminster topical ointments receipt and a certified birth certificate on file.


Childcare Registration

We have moved to an online registration system.

Once you have returned your Enrollment

Reservation Form (above), we will send you

a link to complete your registration.

In addition to the online registration, we will

also need the following forms that can be

found below: Childcare Enrollment Contract,

DHS Medical, DCFS Summary Receipt, Topical

Ointment Form, Sunscreen Authorization Form

and to see your child's original birth certificate.

We will take a copy at the school and return

your original birth certificate back to you.


Individual File


** If you are enrolling your child in our Preschool

in addition to Childcare, you will need to complete

a Preschool Enrollment Reservation Form, as well.


Please visit the Preschool Information page

to find that form, reference the Preschool handbook and any other information specific to our preschool program. 

Childcare Forms