Prairie Pals Testimonials

"We sent both of our kids to Prairie Pals Preschool for a total of five years. All the teachers were amazing. Both of our kids were hesitant to attend school but both were welcomed with open arms and loving and caring hearts. The teachers here are very friendly, communicate well with parents, and provide an effective learning environment for the kids. In addition, both of our kids left Prairie Pals more than ready to start full day Kindergarten, which eased our minds about their ability to be in a classroom all day. The curriculum at Prairie Pals is a perfect lead into the Oswego 308 Kindergarten Curriculum. Along with this, we often used the Prairie Pals Child Care for before and after school; however, it was never needed on a consistent basis. The Child Care director there worked with us incessantly to allow us to schedule child care time for our kids on an as-needed, very flexible basis. Child care staff were also well versed in handling hesitant, upset, separation-anxious children. All in all, we had a wonderful experience in our five years at Prairie Pals and would recommend this preschool/day care to anyone."

- Shannon and Andy Nemenoff


"I loved that Ms. Pam could make an "unsure" child want to go to school.  I think all of the teachers at Prairie Pals go the extra mile to really connect with children!" We are returning next fall and his little brother is enrolled in the 2's program."

- Sarah Donovan


"This was our family's first experience with any type of preschool and we're so thankful for our experience here. I always felt safe and comfortable leaving my daughter in your care and we are amazed at how much she has learned.  She adores Ms. Pam and we will certainly miss you all next year!"

- Anonymous Parent Review


"She [Ms. Dina] is so nurturing! She is very supportive of the kids' progress, very positive, very loving.  I feel like my children will enter Kindergarten more than ready.  My boys have made friends that they want to play with every day outside of school..  The religious aspect is evident in their day to day conversations."

- Anonymous Parent Review


"Prairie Pals was such a blessing to our family! We will be lifelong supporters!" 

- Rebekah Covay, 5-Star Facebook Review


"Addy loves this place!" 

- Andria Renee, 5 Star Facebook Review


"I have recommended Prairie Pals to 2 of my friends. Plus, Nick is returning next fall and his little brother is enrolled in the 2's program. The school & program exceeded our expectations by quite a bit. We are glad we made the decision to put Nick there and he loves it there to as he asks everyday if he can see his friends. We have no regrets or disappointments." 

- Regina Ragsdale

"I have nothing but great things to say about all of the staff. Ms Dina is truly amazing at teaching. I've seen a confidence come out in our child that he didn't have before." 

- Kelly Horeni


"Thank you for a great experience as my first child & I went through preschool for the first time. My other children are signed up and very excited to start here next year!  My son was built up everyday and felt safe and nurtured by all staff. He's going to Kindergarten reading, adding, subtracting, and knowing the value of respect and friendship and love of Christ. All of this makes for one satisfied Mommy.  I rave about Prairie Pals every chance I get. My child's spot at PP was without a doubt, "A GOD thing." I feel so blessed that my son had the privilege of spending 2 school years being empowered and surrounded in Christian love at PP." 

- Beth Omar


"PP Over exceeded expectations. My child is more then ready for Kindergarten." 

- Annie Banks

"Ms Pam is very patient with the children and uses good positive reinforcement. Thank you for an astounding program. I am so glad to have you in the area." 

- Ruth Frey

"Ms Pam couldn't have been a better "first" teacher for our child. She is kind, patient, nurturing and full of fun ideas.

She always kept us informed of our child's progress. I also love that she taught the kids important "life lessons."  We are 100% pleased with PP and plan on sending our next child there when he's old enough. PP helped our child become more social & helped him come "out of his shell" We also love that he was taught about Jesus/Bible.  We are extremely grateful to PP and Ms Pam for making our child's first experience with school a very positive one. Ms Pam and the class made Him feel so special when he became a big brother. This is something we will always remember. We always felt great about leaving our son in your hands. We've watched him grow in so many ways over the last 9 months." 

- Kristina Thompson

"Ms Pam was very positive with her interactions with the students and parents. She seems to understand the age group of her kids & was patient.  We are very pleased and have recommended PP to others." 

- Natalie Baker

"Ms Wendy is super sweet! We wanted our child to be in a setting where she could socialize with others her age and have a chance to build on her learning. We have been very happy with PP.  From the moment you walk in the door you can tell how much love everyone has for your kids! I couldn't be happier that my kiddos have attended PP!" 

- Lisa Grandberry


"Ms. Pam was always positive and made learning fun for my son. We could not have been happier. She provided a wonderful first classroom experience. Prairie Pals is lucky to have Ms Pam! We were also impressed with the academic rigor and appreciate the many opportunities for social growth. All the religious aspects of the program are well embedded and age appropriate." 

- Kara Gates


"Prairie Pals definitely made the transition from out of state very easy. My daughter instantly fell in love with her school, teacher and God. Thank you!" 

- Jennifer Williams